Laser hair removal with the Lightsheer Diode Laser

This newly developed diode laser can remove unwanted hair very efficiently and permanently in a reliable and comfortable way. 

To understand how the diode laser works it is important to understand how hair grows and how the laser can remove hair. 

The hair grows from the hair root, also called hair follicle. What we see above the skin is the hair arrow, this is the keratinised product that is being created by the hair root or follicle. 

The hair growth is different for everyone, depending on age, weight, metabolism, hormones, medication and ethnie background. 

Despite these differences, every hair has three stages:

1. The Active growth phase or Anagen phase: About 85% of all the hair on our body is in this phase. During this phase there's melanin or pigment present around the hair root.
2. The Regressive phase or Catagen phase: A period of two weeks where the hair passes to the resting phase. The hair stops growing. Approximately 4% of our hair is in this phase.
3. The Resting phase or Telogen phase: A period of approximately six weeks. After this period there will be spontane ous hair loss, so the Active phase can start all over again. Approximately 13%of all our hairs are in this phase.

The diode laser works on the pigmentation or melanin in the hair and is most active in the Anagen phase. Because not all hairs are simultaneously in this stage, it is necessary to undergo more than one treatment before one can speak of a complete hair removal.

How does this diode laser work?

The laser produces a highly concentrated lightbeam of a certain wavelength. This lightbeam is broadcasted only a fraction of a second on the skin. The energy of the beam is mainly absorbed by the pigment that is present around the hair root. This heats the hair root cells and selectively destroys them. 
To avoid damaging the epidermis, the diode laser has got a chilled tip (5°). This allows you to use more energy without damaging the skin. 
The handpiece gives a pleasant, cold feeling during the treatment and significantly reduces the pain stimulus so the treatment is very well tolerated. 
This laser can be used on fine and sensitive skin (armpits and bikini) and for more robust hair (beard). 


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